Why Chessie’s Big Backyard is The Ultimate Kid’s Recreation Area!

Chessie’s Big Backyard is where imagination, creativity, and learning come together. It’s a place for families to enjoy the outdoors and play together. It’s also a place where kids can learn new things while they play.

Whether blowing soap bubbles in the wind tunnel, climbing up to the tree house, or exploring the gardens, there are endless ways for kids to be active while having fun at Chessie’s Big Backyard.

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Everything Chessie’s Big Backyard Has To Offer

Chessie’s Trail

Chessie’s Trail is all about getting up close and personal with nature.

This fun trail is an exciting way to experience Chessie’s Big Backyard recreation area. Kids of all ages can explore this winding trail, designed with sensory elements that appeal to the senses.

Several stops along the trail will keep kids engaged and learning as they explore. You’ll find a spinning rock garden, a sound garden, a boardwalk area, and nest seating.

You will find all sorts of wildlife figures along the trail, so bring your camera!

Entrance to Chessie's Trail at Chessie’s Big Backyard

Tree House

The Tree House is the perfect place for kids who want more adventure!

For them, nothing beats the thrill of taking in nature from a totally different perspective. They’ll climb up the ramps winding around the tree trunks until they arrive at the tree house, where they can explore the treetop canopy with their friends.

They will be able to see birds, squirrels, and other wildlife up close in this specially designed recreation area built to encourage active play and a healthy lifestyle. The Tree House is an excellent place for kids to spend time with their friends, make new memories, or just enjoy some quiet time with family members.

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Chessie’s Big Backyard Playground is great for letting your children run around and play. The playground is designed for all kids to enjoy, from the smallest crawlers to the oldest of kids.

The playground has soft rubber floors for little ones to crawl on and ramps wide enough for wheelchair access. There are also swings and slides for kids to enjoy!

playground in northern virginia Slide and playset at Chessie’s Big Backyard


Chessie’s Big Backyard Carousel is a fun way to get your kids moving and experience joy as they ride the carousel.

The carousel has a theme of animals that live in the Chesapeake Bay, including turtles, frogs, hummingbirds, and swans.

The carousel is open during regular park hours from April through October. However, it may be closed during inclement weather conditions or as needed for maintenance.

Special Harbor Sprayground

Chessie’s Big Backyard Recreation Area is the place to be during the summer months.

The fully accessible Chesapeake-Bay-themed playground has something for everyone. You’ll have a blast exploring this water feature area, from spraying osprey nests to misting sunflowers.

Not sure what to do first? Check out Chessie, the sea serpent who will guide you through all the exciting water features waiting for you for some splashing fun!

sign of the water park at Chessie’s Big Backyard building exterior at Chessie’s Big Backyard

splash plad at Chessie’s Big Backyard

Reserving a Chessie’s Big Backyard picnic shelter

I recommend reserving a picnic shelter if you plan to spend the day at Chessie’s Big Backyard.

They have several picnic shelters to pick from that can accommodate groups of up to 30 people. Additionally, most shelters have tables and benches, grills, and restrooms nearby. They’re perfect for large gatherings!

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Chessie’s Big Backyard Recreation Area is part of the Lee District Rec Center, so it’s a great place to take your family for a picnic and spend time together, and has many other recreational activities to enjoy.

There are several options here when it comes to classes. From ballet and cooking classes to guitar and piano classes, there’s something for everyone at Chessie’s Big Backyard.

They also have camps where kids can learn new skills or have fun with their friends.

Are you looking for something more active. In that case, Chessie’s Big Backyard offers aquatics, swimming, and fitness and wellness programs.

Chessie’s Big Backyard

Chessie’s Big Backyard is where kids can play, learn, and explore all year. This family-friendly recreation area can be found at located at 6601 Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia.

There are many things to do here! So don’t forget your camera or plan a visit with a photographer to capture all your special family moments while you play.

Whether it’s the kiddie slides, splashing in the water, or exploring trails and tree houses that get you excited—this place has something for everyone! So take advantage of one of their many programs and classes like swimming or music lessons, or just come for some good old-fashioned fun with your friends and family at Chessie’s Big Backyard!

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