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Okay, Mama. Let’s get right down to it. Going to the doctor, let alone the OBGYN, can be an anxiety-inducing affair. But when it comes down to it, taking care of yourself first and foremost is SO important. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, ensuring you have the resources to stay healthy is critical for providing for your family. That said, finding the right physicians to help keep you healthy and confident in your reproductive journey doesn’t have to be stressful. Suppose you find yourself looking for a new OBGYN practice. In that case, we encourage you to look at Foxhall OBGYN Associates in Metro DC. Their commitment to individualized care and passion for women’s health may be exactly what you have been searching for. 

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About Foxhall OBGYN

Whether you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, need annual preventative care, or need specialized treatment, Foxhall’s team of highly qualified physicians puts hands-on, personalized care at the front of everything they do. Out of their ten physicians, only one is male (and referred to on their website as their very own McDreamy,) so whatever your comfort level, you are sure to find a doctor to meet your needs. 


If you are trying to get pregnant, Foxhall OBGYN provides preconception counseling, fertility evaluations, and treatment for those whose fertility journey is not as straightforward. Often, they can help provide fertility treatment at their facility, but in situations with more complex conception issues, they confidently refer their patients to local fertility experts. Foxhall physicians are highly skilled in obstetrical care for those who have conceived with in vitro fertilization, making them the perfect practice to return to for couples who may have had to go the extra mile to begin their family.

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Once pregnant, their five dedicated obstetrics physicians will take extra care of you and your baby. Three physicians, specifically Dr. Beckerman, Dr. Green, and Dr. Pardo, prefer to individually care for pregnant patients throughout their entire pregnancy, meaning they attend to you at each of your appointments. You can rest easy knowing that your doctor will be present at your delivery. 

They also support all patients and their individual wishes regarding their birthing plan, whether with an epidural, by cesarean section, or fully unmedicated. They are also highly capable of caring for high-risk pregnancies and offer additional obstetric services such as genetic pre-screening. 

Of course, they also care for patients who may not yet be ready to start a family or are in a pre-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal phase of life. They offer comprehensive gynecologic care, from managing contraception methods to routine women’s health exams to STI prevention, screening, and management.  

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Foxhall’s state-of-the-art facility means that its team can execute most of its recommended procedures safely and conveniently on-site. However, Johns Hopkins Medicine Sibley Memorial Hospital can accommodate patients who prefer full sedation. They also have onsite ultrasound equipment and experienced board-certified ultrasound technicians ready to service their patients. 

Additionally, they have partnered with Consortia Health to develop a pelvic floor muscle training program for women experiencing incontinence. This includes those who are pregnant and post-partum. 

To ensure that their patients have everything they need, Foxhall also offers a variety of resources, including classes like:

  • childbirth education,
  • newborn care,
  • infant CPR and safety, and
  • prenatal breastfeeding. 

Another unique specialty at Foxhall is their dedication to adolescent gynecology. They know that for younger patients, your first gynecological experience sets the tone for a lifetime of OBGYN care. Their goal is to ensure that all younger patients possess the skills and knowledge they need to maintain their health, make smart and informed decisions, and build a trusting, personal relationship with their doctor. 

Foxhall physicians can help young patients evaluate menstrual irregularities, manage contraception, and monitor for STIs. As awkward as it can be to have conversations about women’s health with the young women in our lives, having a practice that you can trust to care for your loved one makes all the difference.

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Foxhall OBGYN

Finding a good doctor you can trust with your health is a truly personal journey. This recommendation can point you toward taking the first step in finding the right OBGYN practice for you. Foxhall OBGYN is a professional, respectable, state-of-the-art facility with kind and compassionate physicians and staff. Give them a chance to prove why they just may be the right fit to take care of you.

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