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Are you planning a nursery? Or perhaps you are looking at a room makeover for your child? From early childhood memories of your own room (or your own side of the room, if you shared) to an adult, your style has changed over time. But one thing that likely hasn’t is that feeling of this is YOUR space. Designing a child’s room is so much more than making it look cute with licensed characters, whimsical prints, or modern trends. It’s creating a space just for THEM that allows them to feel safe, relaxed, and a little more in charge. A child’s environment can affect their sleep, behavior, playtime creativity, habits, and even academics. Who knew a room could do so much? Pottery Barn Kids in Bethesda does!

From minimalistic, fun themes to light and airy or more rustic styles, they have everything you need to make your child’s room feel complete and 100% all their own. 

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About Pottery Barn Kids in Bethesda, Maryland

Two moms in San Diego had dreams of designing cute, safe, and comfortable spaces for their little ones. But were met with frustration and disappointment instead. After searching all over their community for comfortable and stylish furniture while meeting all safety standards and constantly coming back empty-handed, they decided enough was enough. It was time to work together and become more than moms but businesswomen. 

In 1999 they founded Pottery Barn Kids and started looking for solutions for this kid’s room designing debacle. Their goal has always been to offer families superior quality furniture and decor options that check every box on their list: durability, safety, functionality, comfortable, adaptability, and stylish. They felt these standards would help create those much-desired beautiful and happy spaces their children could enjoy and call their own. They had established their bar but were still unsure how to meet it. After all, they first started this business because they couldn’t find it anywhere. 

These moms knew if it was going to be done to a suitable standard, they needed to be the ones producing it. To this day, almost all of their products are designed in-house. So they can ensure that each piece, no matter how big or small, would flawlessly meet their safety, environmental and superior quality standards because your family deserves nothing less.

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Pottery Barn Kids takes the utmost care to keep your Bethesda kids safe. Most of the Pottery Barn Kids furniture pieces are proudly GREENGUARD Gold Certified. This certification signifies that their materials have passed the most stringent guidelines for total VOC emission. Which is ideal for a little one’s room. To match their high-standard furniture, it only makes sense to offer a wide selection of beautifully colored and fun printed organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Certified options for bedding and textiles as well. From princesses, frills, and flowers to dinos, heroes, and sports, your child will love crawling into their fantastic new bed.

After you’ve got your basics, time to trim the room with their selection of accent pieces. Perhaps the finishing touches include curtains, an inviting rug, a lamp, a fun chair, or even create a cozy reading nook to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for furniture, decor, bedding, toys, or more, you’ll find infinite options to create an inviting, joyful and safe space where your child can grow and thrive to their happiest potential. 

You can shop in-store at 4756 Bethesda Ave (Lot 31), Pottery Barn Kids #6097, Bethesda, MD 20814, or shop online.

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Designing is only some people’s forte. While it can be fun and relaxing for some, it can make others anxious and overwhelmed with options. But if you’re unsure where to start, struggle to decide between themes, prints, or solids, or perhaps you’re just overly busy being the amazing mom you are, they have a solution for you. Pottery Barn Kids has design specialists ready to help you create your registry or ideal floor plan. It’s as easy as setting your complimentary appointment in-store, in your home, or even over the phone. Their goal-oriented design specialists will help your vision be a success with every detail. 

Pottery Barn Kids Bethesda

A well-designed and organized environment allows opportunities to be themselves, maintain their space, and just relax. From the style of furniture, the bedding they sleep in, the toys they play with, and the shelves for their books and future awards, Pottery Barn Kids Bethesda has you covered. 

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