What is the Nanny Cost DC For Excellent & Undivided Childcare?

Being a parent, especially a mom, is a full-time gig. Who wouldn’t benefit from extra hands, especially if you’re working? However, sending your child to daycare can add additional stress and worry to both you and your child. As a parent, we want to know our children are well cared for. It can be stressful deciding on the best care fit for you and your child. That’s why so many families are looking into the nanny cost in DC. But what makes a nanny service better than a daycare? Your child stays with its familiar surroundings and can’t maintain the same schedule or be lightly adjusted to fit your family’s routine.

Nannies, when hired through agencies, are educated, professional caregivers. They must obtain CPR and First Aid certifications and may have other further education. Being in their familiar space makes nap schedules and mealtime routines more effortless, more consistent, and fewer germs spread. Are you worried about the development of social skills? Some nannies make park trips a regular routine option. You can work around your schedule with a nanny, not a care center’s, and some nannies may even tag along on trips! Plus, no commute to daycare! Sounds great? Then these agencies are a great place to start.

What is the Nanny Cost in DC For Your Next Night Out or Workday Needs?

woman sitting on the floor with a toddler playing together Nanny Cost DC

Nannies in the City

This agency does all the leg work when it comes to finding someone to help care for your child. Nannies in the City has over a decade of experience working with families in this area. They take a personal approach when it comes to quality child care and work diligently with all family dynamics to ensure a positive and successful experience. Each caregiver goes through a vigorous and thorough vetting process for the utmost safety of your family. 

  • They do require a $500 launch fee to find the perfect fit for your family. This launch fee covers some of the initial recruitment and onboarding costs and is applied to your final placement fee.
  • They have three placement packages available, tailored to your child and family’s needs. (18%, 20% and 25%)
  • They are a percentage-based agency. A one-time fee is due based on total gross annual compensation after the candidate hires commitment.

If you want more information about Nannies in the city and their process, check them out online

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Pink Nannies

What began as a newborn services agency 17 years ago has wonderfully become a full nanny service. When those sweet newborns grew to be toddlers, they just couldn’t bear to part with them and decided to add services to their growing agency. That same care and passion for little ones guide their process of choosing the perfect nannies for each family. They offer everything from in-home helpers and private educators to full-time nannies and newborn care. The average nanny cost in DC for Pink Nannies is:

  • Placement fee $5,000 to $7,500
  • Hourly wage is $25 to $50 an hour

Visit their website for more information about Pink Nannies and all they offer.

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White House Nannies

For 35 golden years, they have been successfully matching families with nannies. They believe in values like integrity, honesty, and professionalism across the board when it comes to nannies and families. Their agency Works diligently to match you with a nanny that possesses the right combination of skills, training, and experience that your family requires. Below are the nanny average costs in DC for this company:

  • $500 activation of search fee (Non-refundable) 
  • The placement fee is based on your selected nanny’s annual income fee.
  • The average nanny hourly fee is $20-$30 
  • Summer and Temporary options are available.

For more information about White House Nannies, visit their site

Nanny holding a small child and playing with blocks

District Sitter

From special occasions to everyday care District Sitter have the perfect child caregivers within their ranks. They offer memberships for readily available babysitters that meet their standards as well as nannies for long-term care. The average nanny costs in DC for District Sitter are:

  • $999 fee to start the process of finding the perfect fit for your family. 
  • The placement fee for full-time nannies is $4,000 or 15% of that Nanny’s annual gross income.
  • Part-time nannies are $2,500 or 15% of that Nanny’s annual gross income
  • Temporary nannies are $2,500 flat fee

You can find more information on their process on their website.

Nanny Cost DC

When it comes to the care of your little ones, you want to know they are in good hands and getting the best quality care as if you were there. Knowing the going nanny costs in DC makes it easier to find the right price and agency for your family.

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