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Based in Northern Virginia, my Personal Branding photography helps bring your business to life. Personal Branding is critical to every small business but especially important in such a digital world. Keep reading to discover how Personal Branding in Washington DC can improve your business and increase your sales.

What is Personal Branding?

In personal branding, you establish your identity as an individual or business. Hopefully, the results will be a widely-recognized and uniform view of your business. Personal Branding helps customers associate your brand with what you stand for. While the strategy and core mission may stay the same, personal Branding will last as long as your business does. You want your personal Branding to set you apart from other businesses in your industry and establish credibility. Putting a face before the brand is crucial to show your customers that you are someone they can trust. 

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Personal Branding isn’t just for businesses, either: every individual has a personal brand. Think of personal Branding as a combination of your image, personality, and core values. Who are you as a business? Who are you as an individual? While Branding can be time-consuming and requires a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish with your business, personal Branding can transform your entire business. According to a study from Weber Shandwick, the reputation of a CEO accounts for 45% of the company’s business. Your image is often directly shaped by your brand and vice-versa. Personal Branding can be used to control the appearance of your business, and you must be in control of how your brand is perceived. 

How Do I Help?

We will work side-by-side to create a list that will give your business a diverse gallery of photos to use on your website and social media platforms. The branding shoot is more than just a simple headshot. Every choice, from the colors to the outfits to the props, is carefully decided. 

You want the photos to look professional and cohesive but also relatable. Because of this, understanding your audience is critical. 

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With personal Branding, it’s critical to tell your brand’s story. As a business, you want your customers to see a cohesive package. In order to have a successful branding campaign, a specific mission and consistent look, message, and both an online and offline presence are required. You want to be genuine and authentic in promoting your brand rather than identifying popular strategies other businesses use. High-quality photos signify quality which is vital in establishing credibility. We want to show your customers who you are, what you like, and what you can offer. You can tell them everything they want to hear, but images and videos help prove quality. The branding images will make you and your business look professional and equipped. 

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My Process for Personal Branding in Washington DC

Booking a customized Personal Branding Session with me will prioritize strategy and planning. We focus on the details of your business. What message do you hope to send, and what is the “why” of your business. The more information you can provide, the better. But it is crucial to zoom in and focus on the most essential components. I have been photographing soon-to-be mothers, families, and newborns for the past five years. My photos are always full of natural light and emotion, and I am always focusing on capturing an image that is real but still full of life. I always make sure my photos do not feel forced or posed. I enjoy utilizing the benefits of whites, vibrant colors, and movements. 

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Both my photography and Branding are a blend of documentary and lifestyle. I make branding videos to further capture the main traits of your business and convert them into beautiful lifestyle imagery. You can begin the process of booking a branding session by filling out the inquiry on my website, which I will respond to within 24 hours. I offer a complimentary Zoom to discuss your brand, what you are looking for, and the project’s scope. Each proposal will be customized and carefully planned. 

Personal Branding Washington DC

One of the most critical components of your business is your story. You want to show that both you and your small business are authentic, purposeful, and cohesive. There is so much competition among businesses that you must stand out. Book a session today to expand your brand’s presence together with Personal Branding in Washington, DC

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