Parenting Classes in DC to Help Prepare You For Parenthood!

Parenting is one of the most complicated journeys you will ever take – but you never have to take it alone! The parenting classes in DC, designed by childcare industry professionals with plenty of experience in caring for children, help parents learn what to expect and how to prepare for a meaningful life change. Below are some of the beautiful parenting classes offered in the DC area to help you feel more equipped to take on the challenges and joys of parenthood! 

4 Locations for Parenting Classes in DC

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Founded in 2004, Momease has offered parenting classes in the DC area for nearly twenty years. Their mission is “to provide new parents with easy-to-use, innovative products, practical information, and evidence-based parent education classes that will enable them to explore the joys, humor, and excitement of becoming a parent and prepare a new mom for her new life.” Industry experts developed classes and products using modern research and resources, so parents can gain confidence while preparing for the opportunities and challenges of caring for a child. Their classes include Baby Care and Breastfeeding, which helps parents understand typical newborn characteristics, swaddling, and diapering, and knowing when to call the pediatrician.

They also have an Infant CPR Class and a Parents with Pooches class that will teach you how to introduce your furbaby to your newborn human baby. They also teach you how to manage pets with an infant and become aware of your pet’s protective signs. Momease knows that you’ll only ever need to see the fun stuff in an ideal world. Still, the peace of mind of learning how to handle the unexpected is what truly prepares you to thrive as a parent. 

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Metropolitan Doulas

Metropolitan Doulas is an organization of postpartum doulas dedicated to helping new parents acclimate to life with a newborn baby. Their large team of skilled and trained doulas have qualities essential to the role. This includes openness and objectivity, sensitivity and compassion, humility and mindfulness, and intuition and initiative. In addition to offering in-home postpartum care, Metropolitan Doulas also provides a variety of parenting classes. These classes can be conducted privately in your home, live and virtual, or at their convenient Washington DC and NOVA locations.

Their Newborn CPR classes cover essential topics like CPR, Choking, and First Aid. Still, it is not a certification course – it just equips you with the basic knowledge you need to keep your baby safe. They also have a “Preparing for Baby” class to instruct parents on what to buy and expect in their newborn. Parents will also learn specifics about breastfeeding, getting more sleep, setting up their house, and minimizing the risk of SIDS.

Their “Your Older Baby, 6+ Months” class covers sleep patterns, teething, separation anxiety, developmental milestones, sensory play, and baby sign language. Other topics include introducing solid foods, baby-proofing, and positive parenting. In addition, their “Your Toddler, 12+ months” class covers toddler sleep, advancing solids, weaning, beginning cow’s milk, childproofing, and dealing with tantrums. These doulas have committed their lives to help new parents learn about how to be the best for their babies.  You know their classes will equip you with the knowledge you need to care for yours!  

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Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center is a faith-based nonprofit organization that offers help and support to families, specifically those in a crisis pregnancy. Their iPoDD parenting classes are free to new parents so that everyone can receive the necessary help and training, regardless of a personal budget. Their practical topics include understanding your child’s social and emotional development, building self-esteem, and disciplining your children. Classes often have guest speakers, videos, reading, and other forms of instruction. You’ll also discuss getting to know your baby, how your baby uses sleep and your baby’s attention span. Other topics include sight and hearing, letting others help, and the importance of fathers and shared parenting. 

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The Child & Family Practice of Washington, DC

The Child & Family Practice of Washington DC is an organization of child psychologists who are “committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based psychological and educational assessment and support services to children, families, schools, and other organizations.” Their providers specialize in learning and behavioral concerns. Likewise, they work to equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed in school, work, and beyond. Their parenting classes in DC are designed for parents of slightly older children. Consequently, they have more to do with supporting learning and routine at home. Here is a list of some parenting classes they have provided in the past: 

  • “Learning Around the Clock: How to Support Learning at Home”
  • “Mindful Co-Parenting in Divorce.”
  • “Routines at Home: Setting Up Your Child for Success in School”
  • “Executive Functioning: Strategies for Home and School.” 

Contact them to see what upcoming classes are on their calendar!

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Parenting Classes in DC

These parenting classes in DC are incredible resources, so you never have to feel isolated in your parenting. It truly takes a village, and these classes are great places to grow your community and help build your self-confidence. Check out their websites for specific schedules and other excellent services and opportunities!

For more DC parenting resources, check out the blog links below. Then, let’s get your maternity and newborn sessions scheduled!

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