Infant Swim Lessons DC for Essential Water Safety Education

One of the best parts of the warmer months is lounging by a clear, blue pool or splashing in the water along a beach. Swimming and playing in the water is a wonderful pastime. It can be a refreshing and freeing experience for kids and adults alike! However, water can also be dangerous for young kids. The good news is that you don’t have to avoid that summer pool time because of your little one. These infant swim lessons in DC offer classes for babies as young as six months old to help develop important water skills that can prove lifesaving in a critical moment. 

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 4. But swimming lessons can reduce that risk by over 88%! Early swimming education gives your child a positive experience with water and swimming right off the bat. It can help give you more peace of mind that your child has the skills to play poolside or beachside safely. Check out these DC area companies offering swim lessons for your baby or toddler.

4 Infant Swim Lessons in DC for Excellent Water Safety Resources

newborn baby lays on a blanket in an orange suit with eyes open infant swim lessons

Safe Splash Columbia Heights

SafeSplash Columbia Heights offers a variety of courses, all taught by highly skilled SafeSplash Certified trainers. Their small class sizes ensure that your child gets devoted attention while learning in one of their warm-water pools. Their infant and toddler classes include water play, fun songs, and close contact with their grown-up in the water while learning.

The supportive and social group environment fosters self-confidence while helping your little one develop foundational water safety skills. SafeSplash Columbia Heights offers rolling start dates so your baby can pick up swim lessons any time of the year.

Their infant and toddler classes cater to six months to three years old. Classes for two-year-olds and younger typically include having the child’s grown up in the water with them. In contrast, classes for older toddlers are taught with grown-ups watching poolside.

Their mindset in teaching water safety skills includes a setting where all swimmers learn to love and respect the water while learning fundamental swim skills.

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WeAquatics offers Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons for children ages six months and older. Their classes are high-frequency, and they recommend taking them 4-5 times a week. The short duration and consistency of the lessons make it easy for young children to learn efficiently because it breaks the skill set up into small bites. Their classes are private, so each student learns at their own pace.

Students under 15 months concentrate on rolling over from facedown in the water to an independent float. Students 15 months and older learn to swim facedown for three to five seconds while holding their breath, then roll onto their backs for an unassisted float.

These skills can be lifesaving in a critical moment. You will be glad your child has this important experience should they ever need it.

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AquaMobile Swim School

AquaMobile Swim School was established in 2011 and has been providing infant and preschool private swim lessons in the privacy of their client’s personal pools ever since! Swim lessons in your private pool help children develop confidence and learn to swim in the comfort of a familiar environment.

All AquaMobile instructors are certified and insured and provide one-to-one instruction and lessons customized to your child’s needs. The first two levels of classes (Seal & Pup 1 and 2) involve both you and your child being in the water together. Their baby and toddler lessons include songs and games to engage them and get them comfortable in the water. Additionally, the games are great practice at bath time, too!

Their Seahorse, Clownfish, Dolphin, and Shark levels cater to ages 18 months to 5 years old. They help your child develop confidence in the water while building essential swimming skills.

mother in a blue onesie lays on the floor of a studio with her newborn infant swim lessons

Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School believes that swim success comes with guided play and a safe environment. Their swim lessons emphasize that children learn from play, so their classes will ensure that kids learn to swim and respect the water while having fun.

Goldfish Swim School celebrates because students are always learning, growing, and accelerating! Their mini-lessons are an excellent way for babies aged four months through 35 months to have a positive introduction to water while bonding with their parents.

Not only do their classes provide kids and babies with lifesaving skills, but they also help improve coordination and balance and build stronger muscles!

Infant Swim Lessons DC

Your baby or toddler will be in great hands with these companies that understand the importance of teaching swimming skills from an early age. Check out their websites for more information and to enroll your child for infant swim lessons in DC today!

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