Interior Design in Washington DC for Adorable Nurseries for Your Baby!

Pinterest makes designing a nursery look so easy. In the pictures, all the books are tidy, the furniture matches perfectly, and everything blends seamlessly into the color scheme. Unfortunately, this can be a bit hard to duplicate in real life. Babies come with messes; sometimes, you can’t find a vision that works with your family. Suddenly, something that was supposed to be magical felt like a giant chore. That is why I positively love interior designers. A great interior designer will understand your vision and make it a reality that works with beauty and function. This city has many experts who understand how to turn an ordinary room into a stylish haven. Here are some of my favorite places to look for interior design in Washington, DC. 

Interior Design in Washington DC for Your Child’s Nursery

mother leans on her husband's shoulder while he holds their newborn child interior design washington dc

Everly & Monet

Everly & Monet is a group primarily focusing on interior design for children’s rooms and nurseries in Washington, DC. Dana, the company’s founder, has designed over 1,000 children’s rooms since she started in 2005. She believes that these rooms should be lovely, functional, and affordable. Dana offers a design assessment to understand your vision before working to create a plan that will be best for your family. After the initial consultation, Dana will spend the next six hours with you, planning to transform the space. Dana will take measurements, draft layouts, and start shopping. Before long, you’ll have a room your baby will adore for years. Dana also offers e-design support for added convenience. 

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Affordable Interior Design

With Affordable Interior Design in Washington DC, you don’t have to break the bank to create a room you’ll love. The group stays within your budget to deliver the best nursery for your family. Affordable Interior Design has worked with many families to create sunny and welcoming nurseries. Their 1-room makeover will pair you with an expert either in-person or online. Then, you’ll create a mood board together, draft a shopping list, and have a follow-through call to show how the design works for your child. Their expert designers are ready to give you the nursery of your dreams. 

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Finnian’s Moon Interiors

Nancy Twomey, Finnian’s Moon Interiors founder, has spent the past fifteen years designing rooms for everybody. Still, her work with nurseries is incredibly inspiring. Nancy has a knack for creating children’s rooms that are sophisticated yet whimsical. She’s not afraid of bright, bold colors but works them with an expert hand. Nancy has a well-established process that begins with a consultation. From there, she’ll work with your budget to combine textures and fabrics to elevate your child’s room. By the end, you will have a beautiful space that will grow with your child. 

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Samantha Nobles Interiors

Since 2018, Samantha Nobles has been creating positively stunning rooms. Her use of color and patterns transforms ordinary spaces into works of art. A mother herself, Samantha understands how to make aesthetically pleasing yet practical nurseries. She blends vintage pieces with modern touches to craft a feeling of ageless space. With her in-home consultations, Samantha will work with you to see how you can incorporate your selections. She will create a room that functions well for your child. She is incredible, and I know you’ll call her again to see if she can give the entire house a spruce

new parents hold their newborn in front of a large window and wooden table interior design washington dc

Kerra Michele Interiors

Kerra Michele is an award-winning interior designer in Washington, DC. She believes in creating an environment that will empower her clients. Her creations are gorgeous and playful. Pops of color bring life to classic pieces. Kerra has created some magical nurseries that manage to be stylish yet fun. Plus, she shines at redesigning entire houses perfect for families, mixing play tents with Eames chairs in a way you never thought possible. Her process starts with an inquiry form. From there, she’ll work with you to craft a space you’ll want for yourself. 

Nursery Interior Design in Washington DC

Don’t let a lack of inspiration keep you from having the nursery of your dreams. With any of these interior design firms in Washington, DC, you’re a day away from having a room your child will cherish for ages. 

Once you have the perfect nursery, let’s celebrate by booking a newborn photography session in your newly energized space! I’m a family photographer specializing in newborn photography around the DC area. Contact me today to book a session and fill your frames with pictures you’ll treasure for years. 

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