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Going back to work after having a baby is difficult. Your body is still readjusting after growing a brand new person, and your baby hasn’t quite figured out that whole sleeping thing yet. And it’s emotional. You must adjust to being away from the person who currently means the most to you. You not only have to navigate these complex emotions but also need to find someone you’ll trust to take care of your baby. Plus, it helps if you find someone you know will love your child like their own. It’s natural to feel anxious about finding childcare once you return to work. As a family photographer, I talk to plenty of parents navigating this journey. Here are some of the nannies in Arlington, VA my clients have come to adore. 

3 Nannies in Arlington, VA You Will Trust & Love for Childcare Support

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Arlington Nanny Agency

Founded by Sally Marshall, Arlington Nanny Agency is a center devoted to pairing families with nannies they will absolutely love. Sally hails from England (the country that practically invented nannies) and has spent her entire working life dedicated to childcare.

Today, she spends her time matching families to their perfect nanny. Her process begins with meeting the parents and finding out what’s essential for their family. From there, she finds a nanny who will meet all these needs.

Arlington Nanny Agency is incredibly selective about the team they hire. All nannies must pass a background check and staff examines references to ensure they’re trustworthy. Parents have access to this information to know they’re getting a childcare provider they can trust.

The nannies are required to be non-smokers who are strong swimmers and are qualified in CPR and First Aid. They also select all the responsibilities they are ready to take on as a nanny, including organizing your home and preparing family meals.

Before making a final decision, parents can interview a selection of candidates so they can feel good about their choice.

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White House Nannies

White House Nannies have been considered the gold standard in DC nanny services since it was founded over 35 years ago. Their process begins with completing an application. Shortly after, they’ll call you to discuss your must-haves. Once you have signed a contract, the company starts matchmaking.

Your family will receive information packets from all candidates, including their original applications and reference letters. You will have the opportunity to interview all the potential nannies you’re interested in. The company will even provide you with tips on what to ask!

Following this, you’re free to move forward and offer a position to the candidate of your choice. All nannies have had background investigations as well as reference checks. On top of this, they are required to complete CPR training. White House Nannies have a list of services beyond just nannies.

Whether you need an in-hotel babysitter for the evening or want a night nurse to catch a few hours of precious sleep, this agency has fantastic options for you.

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Metropolitan Nannies

For over 20 years, Metropolitan Nannies have excelled at placing nannies with the perfect family. All nannies are required to have three professional references, pass a thorough background investigation, and have several years of prior professional childcare experience. Beyond this, a CPR certification is required before placement.

When parents come to Metropolitan Nannies, they start an easy yet extensive process that will place them with a nanny who will help their family thrive. The family gets the chance to complete an assessment to identify their unique needs. Upon completion, they are given a list of candidate profiles to review.

From there, they begin the interview process until they are ready to extend an offer to the nanny to match their family the best. Metropolitan Nannies understand how daunting this process can be and advise every step of the way.

On top of their stellar nannies, they provide essential childcare services such as temporary babysitters and night nurses.

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Nannies Arlington VA

Finding the right nanny can feel like an overwhelming process. With any of these nannies in Arlington, VA, you’ll know you’re not only getting someone you can trust but are also gaining an asset your family will love. 

Once you find your nanny, it’s time to look for a photographer for your family! For the past five years, I have adored capturing precious family memories. Contact me today to find out about booking a session so you can have pictures your family will cherish for years to come. 

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