Infant CPR Washington DC Classes for Safety Preparedness

Bringing home a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life – and also the start of a journey that can create anxiety. While we can never plan for every situation, preparing ourselves for the unexpected moments in life can help to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with parenthood. Knowing what to do in a medical emergency can be the difference between life and death. So, it is critical to equip yourself with lifesaving information like choking lessons and Infant CPR Washington DC classes.

Luckily for new parents, plenty of organizations are dedicated to educating their communities. Whether taking an in-person class, a live Zoom class, or even a private lesson, you can be sure that you are ready to take on any situation, should the need ever arise. Some courses even offer certification from the American Heart Association. But regardless of whether or not you need an official certification, the knowledge you take away from these classes will still ensure you feel prepared. 

5 Infant CPR Washington DC Classes to Obtain Essential Lifesaving Resources & Skills

Stork Childbirth

Co-founders Lauren and Flynn created Stork Childbirth and met while working in private practice. While tending to expectant parents as patients, they saw the need for better quality childbirth education. They created Stork Childbirth Education to help give parents confidence in the upcoming birth of their child.

Their Baby Care and Infant CPR course is an interactive class perfect for new parents expecting their first child.

It is a live Zoom-led class with plenty of demonstrations for visual learners covering topics like:

  • feeding,
  • sleeping,
  • diapering,
  • swaddling, and
  • bathing.

The first half of the class is seated, followed by demonstrating and practicing the learned techniques, ending with American Heart Association Friends and Family CPR and choking lessons.

newborn baby sleeps in a white bed with arms behind its head infant cpr washington dc

Nova Birth Partners

Nova Birth Partners offers many comprehensive doula services for new and expecting parents. They are committed to serving their entire community, and part of their mission is to provide birth and postpartum practice for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

In their Infant CPR course, a certified CPR instructor will lead you through the American Heart Association Friends and Family CPR program curriculum designed to help new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone interested in learning how to save a life.

This is the perfect course for friends and family who want or need to know how to react if your child needs help but doesn’t need an official certification that a job may require. 

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Lamaze DC Classes

Lamaze has been the trusted leader in childbirth education for over 60 years. The three pillars of their organization are that their recommendations are firmly grounded in evidence, all families and journeys to parenthood are respected, and their suggestions are transformative, safe, healthy, and offered without judgment.

Their Infant CPR class combines their infant care class with an additional hour of hands-on CPR and choking relief skills for infants.

You will learn:

  • hands-on CPR and choking skills,
  • bathing,
  • comforting a crying baby,
  • swaddling,
  • feeding basics,
  • home safety,
  • necessary supplies, and
  • more.

This is a participation course, but they do not issue a certification card. 

dad in grey shirt lays and cuddles his newborn child on a bed

Nested Baby

Nested Baby is a team of licensed medical providers with expertise in maternal and newborn care who invest in providing an engaging educational experience for anyone who wants to learn how to care for newborns and/or receive CPR/AED certification.

They promote a casual, non-judgmental, and safe learning environment. This environment allows clients to feel comfortable sharing concerns and taking advantage of the opportunity to absorb important educational material. Their Newborn Care & Infant CPR Certification Boot Camp is a class that takes you on a journey from the day of your hospital discharge through your baby’s first few months at home.

The class covers:

  • newborn logistics,
  • demonstrates swaddling and soothing techniques, and
  • teaches choking prevention tactics and infant CPR.

Participants will receive American Red Cross CPR certification. 

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Sibley Memorial Hospital

Sibley Memorial Hospital dedicates itself to providing health education to its patients, healthcare professionals, and the community. Their education and outreach efforts emphasize the importance and value of prevention and the early detection of illness and disease.

Their Infant CPR, Safety, and Childproofing class includes:

  • hands-on CPR instruction for infants according to American Heart Association standards, as well as
  • Car Seat Safety,
  • Back 2 Sleep,
  • Childproofing, and
  • more.

While designed for parents and childcare providers, it is not a certification course.

Infant CPR Washington DC

Whether you decide to take a class online or in-person to get certified, or just sleep a little more soundly, an Infant CPR Washington DC class can save your baby’s life. Everyone at these DC companies commits to empowering new parents to educate themselves, and you can be sure that whichever class you decide to take will be one of compassion, trust, and care. 

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